Monday, September 22, 2008

From Russia, with Love

Just to be fair, it's not always the men. No, sometimes it's the spam filters that don't know what the heck to do with these things. This one was forwarded to me after it got through a friend's spam filter.


Subject: I search for the friend for acquaintance!!!


My name Ekaterina. To me of 27 years. Growth 173 see Red, Eyes green, a figure harmonous. A higher education, perfectly I own and I speak in English, Studied it during all study. On To character - kind, sympathetic and quiet, for my work it is simple It is necessary. I work in the trainer in fitness the centre.

Not for the husband. Children while are not present. I live in very beautiful city - Cheboksary, Russia.

My hobbies - music, sports, housekeeping, walk on fresh air. Music-from classical, To modern, I am able to play a guitar, a little bit I sing. I love sport mine Morning before work begins with jog on fresh air. I like to prepare And to be engaged in house affairs. Still I like dogs. I live with my mum in one-room apartment.

Very much I love children and would like to get the child, but yet Has met that man to which could trust and pass on the vital Ways to a place and consequently I dream to get acquainted for serious relations with The kind, decent, cultural and clever man. The exit for the husband is possible. Where You wash the unique and tender reliable friend??!!

If you are interested Me that write me on my e-mail:

If you answer me, I will tell in more details about myself and To send you the photo.

With the big impatience I look forward to hearing from you Ekaterina.


Okay, with big impatience I-b-callin' my IT guy to come rescue my beleaguered spam filter that obviously took a dump after fielding this one. I have to give her credit for spelling though. It's much better than most profiles I read from the U.S., but I think the English ownership program is going a step too far.

I admit I do kinda like the idea of 'exit for the husband'. I think I did that in my divorce. Yes, in fact, I'm sure I did. Maybe she's just planning for the future, always a good move in relationship matters.

And in spite of engaging in house affairs she still likes dogs. I can relate to this. How long does it really take to house break one of these, anyway? !@#$%!

At least she appears humble. Most posters claim to walk on water. She simply claims to walk on air. I think we can all live with that.

Go Ekaterina!

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