Sunday, September 7, 2008

Profile of the Month: When in Rome

Caesar has visited De-Nile.

Always up for an impossible challenge, my mission for 07 September 2008 A.D. is to find this man a woman.

All typos and spell check freak outs remain for your reading pleasure.


Dante seeks his Beatrice, anon!

My favorite place on Earth is the 5eme Arrondissment, Rue de la Harpe, Paris, on a warm, balmy, September evening. Am also comfortable though, in the outdoors, or sleeping under the stars. Have been in the military reserve since I was 17. I can disassemble an assault rifle or translate Moliere. I also get great satisfaction in praying the Rosary. My ideal match would be a Blonde, Swiss, girl, who could double for Princess Grace, that stands about 5 feet seven inches, speaks, Italien, French and German, loves ancient history and the Classics, loves going to Mass, but is completely uninhibited in her intellectual pursuits. Tallyho!

For fun:

Am in a Roman History reenactment group. We have very accurate 1rst-2nd century infantry armor. Our group has appeared on the history channel. We hold demonstrations of Roman fighting tactics against like-minded Celtic groups. Our weapons are real.

Favorite hot spots:

Love to dwell in the classics section of Borders and lose myself as I imagine a warm summer day in the Roman Forum during the height of the Empire in 107 Anno Domine.

Favorite things:

My favorite thing is to cook some magnificent spaghetti on a Friday night and watch my Science Fiction shows on channel 71.

Last read:

"Lost Victories" by Eric Von Manstein.


Now, you may find this very hard to believe, but at the ripe old age of 50 something, this man has never been married.


Let's cut to the chase. If you know of any sophisticated multi-lingual, 5'7" Blonde Swiss 'Princess Grace' type girls who yearn to spend their Friday nights having magnificent spaghetti while watching channel 71 screen burn, enjoy men frequently dressed in sexy Gladiator costumes, and are a freak otherwise outside these parameters (Toga parties?), let me know.

Anything to get this profile off the Internet, out of my spell check hell and into a closet somewhere.

Honestly, I would have pegged him for a Cleopatra/Aphrodite type. What do I know, but Princess Grace??? OH PLEASE! I will land Prince Albert himself as my husband before this happens!

Note: I just read on Wikipedia that 'a female wearing a toga was marked out as a prostitute'. OH. My bad. How many of you knew that? I obviously don't watch as many frat house movies as I should.

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